Desk booking system & parking spot sharing app

According to users, the most intuitive app for booking desks and parking spots!

Get more out of your office space with our desk and parking spot booking system

Desk booking from interactive maps

Smart office software suite

We deliver a simple and easy to use product that makes your office space flexible, provide utilisation and optimisation insights and help your employees work smarter.

Desk management and desk booking system

It has never been easier to share and book desks!

Book a desk on the way to work or share your fixed desk with others on the days that you are not in the office. Share even allow admins to restrict desks on specific days for social distancing or guests.

Parking spot booking and sharing

Share parking spot booking allows you to share your own parking spot with others, book a spot that is available and assign a spot for colleagues or guests.

Workplace analytics

Understand how your workplace is being used with the unique insights and analytics tool.

Get exact information on desk and spot usage and take important decisions based on data instead of guesswork.

Over 30,000 users and trust among the biggest brands

BNP Paribas
Nissan Motor Corporation
Nationale Nederlanden
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