We make spaces and resources available for all employees at any time

Our Story

Since 2015, we have tried to solve the problem of ineffective use of space in many ways, first in urban space, then in office buildings and offices themselves.

We have tried to innovate different areas within space and spot management. Share by Parkanizer has proven to be the solution with the greatest impact and it is now our only focus area.

The product has been deployed by companies with offices in Poland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. 

Some of the worlds’ largest companies and among of our clients are Capgemini, Michelin, and JLL. 

Over 30,000 users and trust among the biggest brands

BNP Paribas
Nissan Motor Corporation
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Nationale Nederlanden


Our mission is to create data-driven and flexible workplaces that are just as smart as the people in them.

We believe that the management of bookable resources and spaces connected to an office space can and should be managed in a much more cost-effective and environmental friendly way. We are on a mission to improve office space usage and allow employees to book and share resources and spaces in an easier and more intuitive way. 

We put all our heart and soul into the development of Share by Parkanizer so we can provide our customers with a SaaS product that will improve the daily lives of our users.

Who we are?

Meet the Team

Maciej Lukas
Product Development
Marcin Musioł
Marcin Musioł
Business Development
Ryszard Tarajkowski
Software Development
Dariusz Sęk
Dariusz Sęk
Mobile Development
Karolina Copik
Software Development
Patryk Plura
Development Operations & Support
Wojciech Feliks
Katarzyna Leśniok
UX Design
Kuba Nowak
Kuba Nowak
Visual Design
Tomasz Kołodziejski
Customer Support
Alina Belascu
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