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Wojciech Feliks

Why no one comes to the office?

A ping-pong table and free lunches won’t bring people back to their offices. If you want to fill your office again, you need to understand your employees’ needs and meet their expectations. This article will help you see the problem from a different perspective.

Magdalena Jarosz

Examples of hybrid work – how do different companies do it? 

Undoubtedly, the topic of hybrid work is still relevant, and many companies have difficulties with the effective implementation of this model. Our clients admit that a hybrid system of work can be complicated without the right tools and a well-thought-out strategy. 

Wojciech Feliks

How not to think about hybrid work?

How not to think about hybrid work, what to do to prepare for it and what can you gain from it? Look at hybrid work differently.

Wojciech Feliks

Easily and conveniently check who will be in the office 

From now on, scheduling office visits will be even easier. With “who is in the office” feature, employees can see who will be present in the office on a given day and thus plan their day more easily. Check out new Share by Parkanizer feature.

New features of Share by Parkanizer
Wojciech Feliks

Share by Parkanizer gains new features

To meet the expectations of our users and customers, we have introduced three new features to the Share by Parkanizer application.

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