Enterprise Single Sign-On now available to all customers as an additional option

Parkanizer with Single Sign on from Auth0

In June 2021 we have enhanced Share by Parkanizer with an anticipated feature of enterprise Single Sign-On, sometimes know as well as Same Sign-On. From now on all our customers can decide whether they want to manage users centrally, from their Enterprise Identity Providers level (i.e. from Microsoft’s Active Directory). But managing users centrally is not the only benefit coming from Single Sign-On.

What is Single Sign-On?

In Share by Parkanizer, Single sign-on, commonly known just as SSO, is a way to authenticate users to sign in with their enterprise e-mail account without the need of re-entering passwords. The authentication is done within the premises of our customer’s thanks to Enterprise Identity Provider integration.

Which Enterprise Identity Providers can be integrated?

As Share by Parkanizer is integrated with the world’s leader in terms of user authorization and authentication, Auth0, we are able to provide a vast variety of possibilities to make SSO possible both for the customers and the users.

By default Share by Parkanizer can be integrated with:

  1. Active Directory/LDAP
  2. ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)
  3. Azure Active Directory Native
  4. Google Workplace
  5. OpenID Connect
  6. PingFederate
  7. SAML
  8. Azure Active Directory

The product is also ready to support unusual flows.

What are the benefits?

Single Sign-On comes with several benefits:

  • Credential re-authentication is eliminated
  • User passwords are not stored on our side
  • Workflows are streamlined
  • Phishing is minimized
  • Compliance through a centralized database is improved
  • User access is controlled centrally

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