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Share by Parkanizer then and now

How did a simple idea earn the trust of over 30,000 users? Learn the story behind the journey of Share by Parkanizer.

Little-big problem

You know that – theoretically taken – parking space under your office rarely occupied by anyone? Walking to the office, Maciek – our product manager, asked himself: why cannot it serve someone else? That is when the idea of Share was born. However, not everyone fell in love with it at first sight. Skeptics repeated that the problem was too minor to address. Share had to take a backseat. 

We believe in the product

ConsConsecutive weeks brought the same picture – wandering cars looking for a free spot. It built up the belief that Share is needed. Maciek brought together people who wanted to make parking space sharing a reality, even if it meant working after hours. Despite the skeptical voices, we resumed work on Share. 

Sharing parking spots with Share
We focused on simplicity and intuitiveness

Three weeks of intense work later, the first version of Share by Parkanizer saw the light of day. The first customer also showed up. The solution was gaining momentum; more and more companies wanted to share spaces and manage their parking spots. Believing in our solution has paid off. However, the biggest challenge was still ahead of us. 

Flexibility in a new reality

As the pandemic started, parking became deserted. There was a question of how to find oneself in the new reality? Then the phone rang in our office. Our client, JLL – pleased with how Share works on their car parks – wanted to develop our cooperation. They asked if we could provide an equally simple desk reservation tool. We plunged ourselves into the work. We wanted to deliver a product that exceeds expectations yet is as straightforward and intuitive as possible. 

Interactive office map
Booking your desk with Share is easy and intuitive

On top of the booking feature, we have introduced interactive office maps and an analytics tool for smart office space management. It was a great choice. With Share, managing an office during the pandemic couldn’t be simpler. For many companies, we have become part of their ecosystem. The part that allows them to return to a flexible office. 

Trusted by many

Today Share is trusted by over 30,000 users who actively share parking and desks in Poland, the UK, Finland, Spain, Romania, and Hungary. We help companies get back into offices. We advise and provide an easy tool because we believe that everything is possible when we approach our office resources wisely. 

If you too want to start managing your office flexibly, contact us and see what we can do for you.

Wojciech Feliks
Wojciech Feliks
Every company has its story, and I love telling stories. Privately a big fan of horror movies, ramen, and tea. I wouldn't say no to a journey around the world.

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