Find your co-workers with colleague finder feature

Most of our users work hybrid and use a hot desking system in the office. We work in such a model ourselves and know it inside out. That’s why we’ve created a feature that allows you to find your coworkers’ desks from within the app.

Follow Kate’s day at work and see how to use the colleague finder feature efficiently.

Kate has a big day ahead of her. It is time to present the project. At the office, she needs to find her teammate – Daniel. Together at 9:00 they meet with the team leader and present the results of their work.

Before arriving at the office, Kate turns on the Share app to reserve the desk next to Daniel.

Z Share by Parkanizer możesz łatwo wyszukać stanowiska pracy swoich współpracowników
Booking a desk next to a co-worker with Colleague Finder feature in Share by Parkanizer app

At 8:00 a.m. Kate is already in the office, where a reserved desk is waiting for her. There she meets Daniel, who has yet to pick up material from a colleague in another department. He finds him through the colleague finder. Later, he and Kate search for their team leader on the app, and when everyone is ready, they go into the conference room.

The presentation turns out to be a success! Kate and Daniel still have some work to do to complete the project. When they finish their shift, they release the reserved desks with one click.

Releasing the desk with just 1 click in Share by Parkanizer app
Jakub Nowak
Jakub Nowak
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