Share by Parkanizer gains new features

New features of Share by Parkanizer

The new Share features are the result of discussions with our customers. In order to meet their expectations, we solved four problems that most often haunt their offices.

1. Zone occupancy

What prevents you from returning to the office? We often ask our clients this question. The answer is usually simple – changing pandemic restrictions. It is difficult for an employer to control the number of employees in the office and to maintain social distance. That is why we have equipped Share with a feature that deals with this problem.

About the feature

Share app lets you divide your office into virtual zones and allow employees to reserve desks in them. The zone occupancy function allows you to determine what percentage of desks in given zones can be occupied by employees. Therefore, no more people will show up at the office than the restrictions require.

What’s more, employees book desks using an interactive office map. They can see which seats have already been reserved and at which they can safely work. This is how an empty desk turns into a marker of safe distance.

While working, we kept a constant priority – minimum form with maximum functionality. Therefore, using zone occupancy only requires a few clicks.

Setting zone occupancy in the administrator tool


We created zone occupancy with the idea of working safely during a pandemic, and that is its primary use. When the allowed number of reserved desks is reached, the system disables the possibility of further reservations in the given zone. It will remain so until at least one employee vacates the desk.

2. Colleague Finder

Finding a colleague in a small office requires a short walk. In other cases, this game of hide-and-seek can extend over several floors. Therefore, Share users can quickly find themselves with the help of the app.

About the feature

Again, we were guided by the principle of “minimum form with maximum functionality.” By typing in a friend’s name, Share shows matching people in a list. By clicking on the details of the person you are looking for, the application displays their current desk on an interactive map of the office. Additionally, it gives the desk number and the zone to make it easier to find.

Finding a coworker with Share by Parkanizer


Whether you’re looking for a colleague, a team leader, an administrator, or someone in HR – a colleague finder makes it easy. We know there are things that are easier and faster to do face-to-face. That’s why we’re glad Share can save its users time.

3. Booking for many days

Booking for many days is a feature that employees and office administrators will benefit from. We created it for people who prefer to plan ahead.

About the feature

Using the Share by Parkanizer app, you can now book desks and parking spots in advance. We were prompted to introduce this feature by users who prefer to plan their time in advance. For their convenience, the booking process has not changed from single day bookings.


From the admin panel, the office manager can set how many days in advance employees can reserve desks and parking spots. It gives him information about the expected occupancy of the office and parking lot in the near future. Employees, on the other hand, are assured that a specific desk or parking spot is waiting for them when they need it.

4. Filtering by parameters

When you search for a desk in the app, you can now filter places by their parameters. This feature makes it easy to tailor your workspace to the tasks at hand.

About the feature

In a flexible office, employees adapt their work environment to their current responsibilities. We wanted to make this easier for app users. Therefore, when choosing a desk from the interactive map, users can filter desks by parameters such as the number of monitors, the presence of a docking station, or the possibility of working in a standing position.

What’s more, the administrator can assign filters by which desks can be searched. So regardless of your office type, you can personalize Share to suit your needs.


We encourage our users to use the filtering feature for two reasons. First, the suitable desk increases ergonomics and positively impacts productivity and satisfaction. Second, selecting the right working station supports wise resource management. For example, by coming to work with their own laptop, the employee doesn’t need a computer desk, so it can be used by someone else.

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