How to efficiently implement a hybrid work app, and what to ask the IT department?

Are you interested in our hybrid work model’s application for office management? Are you thinking about meeting us but are you afraid that the application implementation will be very complicated? To dispel some of your doubts, we have prepared some information related to the operation of our system supporting hybrid work. 

In this article:

  1. What’s worth knowing about Share by Parkanizer?
  2. How will the application help you improve your business?
  3. What will the implementation of Share by Parkanizer look like in practice?
  4. Who should attend the potential implementation meeting?
  5. A list of questions that you should as the IT/Security department before meeting us?

What’s worth knowing about Share by Parkanizer?

Parkanizer created the application to facilitate working in the hybrid model. With its help, employees can reserve desks and parking spots. 

The app allows you to divide the office into virtual zones, possibly restricting or granting access to particular places. Additionally, the application provides personalized reports on employee behavior.

What will you find in the Share reports? 

  • You will find out which parts of the office employees like the most. 
  • You can check how many bookings your employees have made at a given time. 
  • You will learn who and when books the desks and to whom they share their space. 
  • The occupancy report will allow you to check whether your space is appropriate. Thanks to the data from the reports, you will effectively decide to reduce or enlarge the office and designate zones for guests. 
  • You will have access to employee attendance data, i.e., who prefer to work remotely and who use office space.

Some of application functionalities: 

  • Desk reservation
  • Parking spots reservation
  • Designation of desks for guests 
  • Dividing the office into smaller zones 
  • Sharing parking spaces and desks with other employees 
  • Filtering desks according to parameters set by administrators 
  • “Colleague finder” – finding employees in the office and quick booking of places next to friends 
  • Personalized reports on the functioning of the office and employees 
  • Administrative tools for office and parking management 

How will the application help you improve your business?

First of all, employees will book their desks and parking spaces. Does anyone need a special place to work? With the application, you can filter the desks by parameters to choose the most appropriate one. Reports provided by the application will present the number of bookings and places made available, the occupancy of specific zones, and the entire office in different periods.

Benefit List: 

  • You hand over the desk reservation to the employees. 
  • You will improve the operation of the office thanks to administrative tools. 
  • You will provide parking spaces without fear of chaos in the parking lot. 
  • You will check what percentage of the office is used by employees. 
  • You will obtain data that will allow you to check where employees are most often and decide what to do with the unused part of the office space. 
  • You will learn who and when shows up at the office. 
  • You will facilitate ergonomic work with the function of filtering desks by parameters. 

What will the implementation of Share by Parkanizer look like in practice?

Over 30,000 users already use the application. Implementation is pretty quick and takes place in 9 simple steps.

  1. You contact us via the form on the website to arrange a meeting, and you provide the IT department in your company with the list of questions below. 
  2. We discuss your needs and tell you precisely about our solution supporting hybrid work. 
  3. We send you a set of documents for verification, including contracts, regulations, personal data processing agreements, and our policies regarding security, risk, and software management (your IT department may require those policies). 
  4. Before signing the contract, you can take advantage of a 30-day trial period without obligations, thanks to which you will ensure that our application will work in your office. 
  5. We sign the contract or accept the regulations and set the date of launching the service. 
  6. We configure your office and parking lot for you, create interactive maps, set zones, and add users. 
  7. Your IT department conducts system tests with our help, and we provide instructions and videos for your employees to support you in the implementation process. 
  8. Employees receive access to the application and start training. 
  9. Everyone enjoys a transparent hybrid work management system. 

Who should attend the potential implementation meeting?

For a meeting with us, it’s best to designate a person who knows the office and employees well. It can be a Director, an Office Manager, an employee from the administration department, and, if necessary, a person from the IT department. During the conversation, we will present to you our solution and all the functionalities of the application.

We have prepared several case studies, thanks to which you will see how the implementation of the Share application went in other companies. A few technical questions may arise during the meeting, but don’t worry. Thanks to the list that we have prepared, you will be able to answer them quickly. 

A list of questions that you should ask the IT / Security department before meeting us

IT department approval for project implementation 

  • We want to implement the Share application to improve hybrid work in the company. Do you see any technical limitations?

Internal requirements 

  • Do you have any requirements for the product we want to implement? If not, that’s okay! We’ll find out how the application works in other companies at the meeting.

Security questionnaire 

  • Will Parkanizer need to complete a safety questionnaire? 
  • Do we have a security policy or technological requirements that Parkanizer should know?

 Data storage 

  • Share is a SaaS (Software as a Service), and data is stored on the Parkanizer side. Is it okay for you? 
  • Do you require installation on company servers?

System integration 

  • Share enables integration with the client’s SSO, Azure Active Directory, or other employee identity providers. In this case, we will need technical configuration on our side. Does this suit you?


  • Will we be testing the app for 30 days before the full implementation of the Share application. Who will take part in this?

Designation of people responsible for the implementation 

  • Who on our side will supervise the implementation and tests?

Additional questions 

  • Is there anything else from your perspective that we should ask Parkanizer before implementing the application to the company?

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Magdalena Jarosz
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