How share easily provided predictable parking for Adform employees without overpaying for parking.

2 July 2019 | 2 minutes read

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How to make a few parking spots enough for a whole company

More than half of Adform’s employees declare that they travel to work occasionally by car. For some, the reason for traveling to work by car is the necessity to move during the day between meetings. For others – A bike that is not working, which they choose on a daily basis as a greener means of transportation.

So how can all employees be provided with convenient and predictable parking in the easiest way using only a few parking spaces provided by the building manager? At the same time, the solution had to be effective, transparent and allow you to manage all issues related to the company’s parking in one place.

Adform chose the Share by Parkanizer solution, which allows employees to share spots and book those parking spaces that can be freely booked by everyone. Admins can even reserve parking spots for guests when needed.

Thanks to this, employees commuting by other means of transport on a daily basis can check the availability of places at any time. Book one for themselves in advance and choose the optimal means of transport on the way to the office. On the other hand, people who know that they will not be in the office on a given day, but have a permanent parking space assigned, can hand it over to a colleague.

Adform employees and their guests don’t waste time cruising around looking for a parking space – and no one knows better than them that time is money.


After having used Share for 3 months Adform had already saved minimum EUR 500 as they did not need to buy extra spaces (the cost of 1 extra parking space for 3 months). Furthermore unused corporate parking spaces had been made available 270 times.

And more:

  • Supports 38 employees with only a few parking spots and no time wasted on parking
  • It is much easier for employees to effectively plan their transportation method to the office
  • The Office Manager has a complete overview of the use of the car park and all employees have equal access to it without the need for Adform to spend resources on additional parking spaces.

Outcomes in numbers

saved every 3 months
shared spots monthly
happy employees

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