How to provide easy parking for all employees and avert discussions about the lack of parking spots

10 September 2019 | 2 minutes read


Head quartered in Finland, Fortum is a market leader in the field of green energy.

Fortum provides customers around the world with electricity, heat and cooling, as well as intelligent solutions that allow for more efficient use of resources.


How to use company parking spots to their full potential?

Fortum is constantly looking for ways to create the best possible working conditions and atmosphere for their employees. The company approached us with the challenge of ensuring comfortable parking experience without creating a gap in terms of security and organization of the parking by the property manager.


Thanks to the introduction of the Share app in Fortum:

  • All employees can book a parking spot in the company’s car parks when needed
  • The admins has constant access to the parking usage report, which has inspired a number of decisions related to parking optimization

The graph shows how many parking spots that are made available daily by employees with a fixed spot (gray) and how many are reserved (sea color).

The collected data shows that:

  • On average, drivers reserve parking spaces provided by other employees 362 times a month
  • It can be said that the Fortum car park has been permanently enlarged by 12 parking spaces

How was it possible?

When Fortum started using Share by Parkanizer, they were renting 57 spaces – despite this, many employees were forced to look for a parking space, often paid, outside the company’s parking lot. Fortum employees believed that the situation was not due to the lack of sufficient parking spaces, but to the lack of an appropriate parking management tool.

About 90 employees from the Fortum team were invited to use Share by Parkanizer in May 2019.

From the beginning, the tool for sharing and booking parking spaces became more and more popular, and the company’s employees began to regularly provide their friends and colleagues with their parking spaces during their absence. Each employee received an access card that allowed them to enter the car park.

“We did not have to look for additional parking spaces in other car parks in the area – it was enough to use a tool to manage the spaces that we already had, which directly translated into savings also for the company “- says Dorota Waligórska, Procurement and Real Estate Manager, Global Travel Category Manager at Fortum.

Outcomes in numbers

reservations per month​
+ 0
virtual new spots
happy employees

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