How to solve the employee parking problem and reduce parking expenses by 10%.

5 May 2019 | 2 minutes read

A leading global provider of automation technology.

The Challenge

The Administration and HR teams of a leading global provider of automation technology solutions constantly looks for ways to create the best possible working conditions and atmosphere for their employees. They approached Parkanizer with the challenge of ensuring comfortable parking for over 600 employees of their Katowice office.


After implementing Share by Parkanizer the company found that:

  • All interested employees can park in the company’s car parks
  • Drivers share parking spaces around 2,000 times a month thanks to the simple app
  • The admins has constant access to the parking usage report, which has inspired a number of decisions related to parking optimization
  • The company could resign from renting 30 additional parking spaces in the outdoor car park – it allowed for good savings of over 10% of parking costs!
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How was it possible

Before implementing Share by Parkanizer, the company was renting 261 spaces – despite this, many employees were forced to look for a parking space, often paid, outside the company’s parking lot. The employees of the Administration and HR Department were convinced that the situation was not due to the lack of a sufficient number of parking spaces, but to the lack of an appropriate parking management tool.

100 drivers from the team were invited to test Share by Parkanizer in January 2019.

Rigth from the beginning share was very popular, and the company’s employees began to regularly share their spaces with colleagues while they were away. Thanks to the team’s first good performance in sharing spots, the company decided to invite all drivers in the company to use it and solve the parking problem for good.

Already in the first month, they shared parking spaces 287 times – after six months the average number of sharing went up to 2,000 times a month. Thanks to this, there are days when as many as 128 drivers use the company’s car park, even though they do not have a permanent parking space assigned to them.

The application also takes care of order in the parking lot – a driver who reserves a place for himself on a given day from the available pool has clear information on where to park and does not waste time during the morning parking.

"The most important thing for us was that we saw that our team was open to change and that people were enthusiastic about making life easier for their colleagues. This is what drive us to act on a daily basis. However, it was surprising how effectively our employees started using the car park. After reviewing a few reports from Share, we were able to say goodbye to 30 unnecessary parking spaces without regrets. We not only solved the problems, but also found real savings for the company!."

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