Desk management

Help your employees sync with their team and colleagues in the office with Share by Parkanizer. It’s so easy to: 

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Dividing office into zones in Share by Parkanizer app

Divide office into zones

Divide your office into smaller zones that you can manage separately. Designate space for specific teams, quiet zones, collaboration areas and more.

Designate zone administrators

Give specific employees the role of zone administrators so they can take over some of the administrative duties and manage desks in specific zones.

Designating zone administrators in Share by Parkanizer app

Manage desk reservations

Freely manage desks in specific zones or throughout the office. Our application allows you to:

  • Add and remove desks
  • Temporarily or permanently take desks out of service
  • Assign desks to specific employees
  • Make reservations from the admin panel
  • Making changes to completed reservations

Set desks parameters

Set parameters in the application by which employees will filter desks. The parameters can be about whatever you want, e.g., the equipment of the desk, its location, or its specifics (e.g., standing desk). 

Setting your desks' parameters in Share by Parkanizer app
Designating desk for a guest in Share by Parkanizer app

Designate desks for guests

Pull desks from the pool of public reservations and allocate them to guests who will work in your office. 

Book desks on behalf of employees

If you need specific employees at a particular location on a particular day, make a reservation on their behalf and they will see their reservation in the app immediately.

Booking on behalf of employees in Share by Parkanizer app
Checking who is in the office using the interactive map of the office in Share by Parkanizer app

Check who is in the office

View occupied desks on an interactive office map. With this feature, you can quickly see who’s in the office on any given day or who’s coming up in the next days.

Specify how many days ahead employees can book

Determine how many days ahead employees can book desks to match the booking system to your company’s pace.

Specyfing how many desks can be taken in Share by Parkanizer app

Determine maximum occupancy

Determine what maximum percentage of desks can be occupied by employees in each zone. In this way, you will encourage the use of the entire office, rather than concentrating in one zone.

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