Desk booking system

Share is an intuitive desk booking system that makes your office space smarter and lets you manage, book and restrict desks easily.

Desk management

Managing desks in Share is easy. Desks in a specific zone or office can be set as free to book by everyone with access to that zone, as blocked by admins or as assigned to a specific employee.

Desk booking​

Employees who do not have a fixed desk can look for desks in the zones they have access to and easily take a desk for the day. Just one click is needed to take a desk!

Desk sharing

Employees with a fixed desk can share it with colleagues on the days they are not in the office. The results are higher utilisation rates, a smarter workplace and happy employees.


Zone types and desks

A desk is not just a desk!

Each office is different and have different requirements. Share has three types of desks.



Zones with unnamed desks has a certain capacity. Users cannot book a specifc desk but just take any desk in the zone.


Indicated by Share

As for unnamed desks, users can only take any desk in that zone but Share will appoint a specific desk for user.


Picked from map

Each desk in this zone is bookable and the user can select the preferred workspace from an interactive map.

Office maps

Where is my desk or the zone I am sitting in today? These are typical questions arising when moving into flex seating and hot desking. Our intuitive office maps helps your users find available desks and navigate through the office.

Admin overview and daily management

As admins you get a complete overview of bookings for the day in the zones you have access to and if needed you can easily reserve an available desk for a user, restrict a desk for the day or cancel an existing booking.

Insights and Analytics

Analyse the data and base your decisions on facts rather than hunches. Share for desks comes with a graphical reporting dashboard where you get all the data you need on usage, bookings, behaviour, etc.

Create account and get started

Signing up for Share and adding users and desks is extremely easy.

All you need to do is to activate your company Share account, set up your desks, desk zones, offices, maps and the restrictions that apply for each zone. Next step is to send the activation email offered by Share to your employees from where they can activate their own account, download the app and accept the terms of use.

You are up and running in 30 minutes!

More than 10,000 users

And trusted by great brands!

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