Supersize your car park even by up to 30% only with artificial intelligence!

Let us help your stand out and manage your parking spots more efficiently.

Car park management systems
for office properties and commercial car parks

Car park consulting and analysis

Learn everything about the actual use of your car park and obtain expert recommendations to maximize it.


Automated car park systems

Meet the state-of-the-art solution to effectively manage your car park.


Access and entry control

Make entering the car park or another closed area faster. Introduce vehicle identification technology more accurate than ever!


Parking information system

Ensure a smooth flow of traffic in your car park, attract more drivers and boost your revenue.


Parkanizer equals success

Your own outstanding service

Utilize the artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the competition.

Financial optimization

Reduce car park management costs and increase profits.

State-of-the-art technologies

Save time with fully automated sales, invoicing and access control.

More satisfied drivers

Make the existing parking spaces easily available to more people.

Parkanizer car park system for office buildings

Up to 55% of employees come to work by car. A significant proportion of them does not have access to parking spaces assigned to tenants.

At the same time, a significant percentage of parking spaces in office buildings remain empty during the day. Find out how the artificial intelligence of Parkanizer can help you change it quickly and gain the satisfaction of tenants.

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Car park system that brings value not only to office buildings

Parkanizer services support an effective and smart management of car parks wherever there is a great, permanent or temporary, demand for parking spaces.

The system can be implemented in commercial car parks where drivers want to use a parking space as quickly as possible and without cash:

in city centers

near tourist attractions

near sports facilities

near public utility facilities

near hospitals and clinics

at airports

Problems solved by Parkanizer

Non-effective use of parking spaces

Car park manager

How is it possible that all parking spaces are sold out, but some of them are still empty during the day?

We will implement the car park management system that ensures the maximum use of all your parking spaces.

Dissatisfaction of drivers looking for parking spaces


I need to park here only for 10 minutes but I'm wasting 15 trying to find a free parking space.

We will advise you on how to optimally organize your car park and keep drivers updated about free spaces.

Low drivers’ awareness of your car park and special offers

Car park owner

The area is crowded, but people don't want to leave their cars in my car park. Why?

We will help you promote your car park to reach the maximum number of drivers possible.

Inconvenient purchase of parking permit and payment processing

Parking permit holder

I have to waste time to go to pay for the parking permit again. I'm sure there'll be a queue today...

We will sell your parking permits online! Only few clicks and a quick transfer from your customer, and it’s done. You receive only one simple invoice monthly.

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