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The intro - a teaser from the e-book

The Office space as we know it is dead, long live remote work?

Hold your horses!

Let’s take a few steps back.

The COVID-19 pandemic has broken through cultural and technological barriers that prevented remote work in the past. It redefined the status quo in a lot of industries.

There’s a new work experiment happening, but will it stay the same while economies reopen?

One thing is for sure: getting back into the office won’t happen as quickly as getting out has been.

While vaccination has already started, there are some questions looming, and we’re going to try to answer them in this guide:

  • To what extent remote work will still be an option?
  • Which will be the phases for reopening the workspace?
  • How can employers manage a safe return for their employees?
  • Which are the most viable working models?

The biggest question of all is: “Which are the technologies out there that will ensure a safe reopening of offices?”

We’ll be providing the answers in the ebook, so if you’re interested, download your copy now.

The people behind the back-to-office strategies have a great responsibility on their shoulders: ensuring a flexible comeback that will consider employees’ comfort and safety.

This guide is designed to assist employers with strategic planning for providing user-friendly, safe and productive workplaces while making use of the latest technology out there.

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