Looking to implement hot desking in your business? With Share by Parkanizer it's easy!

Rezerwacja hot desków z aplikacją Share by Parkanizer

Why should you start hot desking?

Hot desking is a component of a broader trend – activity-based working. It’s a work organization that takes into account the diverse nature of daily tasks. In this model, employees adapt the workplace to their current responsibilities, which positively impacts their creativity and the company’s flexibility. Check out how you can organize hot desking in just a few steps with the Share by Parkanizer app.

Get to know Share

An application equipped with all the tools needed for efficient hot desking.

Hot desking z Share by Parkanizer
wyznaczanie stref z Share by Parkanizer

Divide your office into zones

With Share you can divide your office into virtual zones visible in the app. You can manage each zone separately. Add employees to it, share and reserve desks, limit the maximum number of people – customize it to your needs.

Provide employees with the desk reservation tool

Hot desking is all about passing desks. With Share, you can put desk reservations in the hands of staff. It is intuitive, takes several seconds and requires only a few clicks.

Rezerwacja biurek w modelu hot desking z Share by Parkanizer
Rezerwacja hot desków z poziomu interaktywnej mapy biura

Book from an interactive map of your Office

Along with the app, we provide an interactive map of the office. From there, employees make desk reservations. They can filter the desks by parameters and choose one that suits them best.

If you prefer - leave zones in the hands of the managers

With Share, you can designate zone managers who will manage their zones thanks to administrative tools.

Managing hot desking zones with Share by Parkanizer
Rezerwacja hot desków na wiele dni do przodu z Share by Parkanizer

Book days in advance

With the booking for many days feature, you can schedule desk reservations in advance. This makes it easy for you to organize your employees.

Search your co-workers in the app

How do you find employees when they don’t have their own desks? With the collague finder feature, you can find your choose your co-workers from the list and the app will show their desk’s location on an interactive map.

Znajdowanie współpracowników w systemie hot desking z aplikacją Share by Parkanizer
Raporty z wykorzystania biura w systemie hot desking

Optimize work based on reports

In the app, you’ll find complex reports of your office usage. Based on these, you will make decisions about further organization.

Enjoy convenient hot desking

Congratulations! It’s time for a well-organized hot desking to benefit your business!

Thanks hot desking, employees share their desks with each other

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