Parkanizer user manual

How to book desks with Share by Parkanizer – a quick guide.

Table of Contents

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Desk booking features

Share by Parkanizer offers easy desk booking and desk sharing.

The home interface is the first interface you are presented with. If you have reserved a desk for today you can see which and also share it or find the location. Find the location of your desk is only possible if you have booked a desk in a zone where you select a given desk.

Share your desk

If you have a fixed desk or if you have booked a desk, you can share it with others when you are not in the office. If you navigate to Share desks you can see the dates where you have a desk. You can mark those days where you want to share your desk with others. Once you have shared you desk, others can book it. 

Booking a desk

From Desks to take you can book your desk for the day or for the upcoming days. You can select the zone you want to book your desk in and also see the number of available desks in each zone. 

Depending on how your organisation uses Share, you might have zones that offers desk booking from maps and some that do not offers this. Desk zones without map selection have  the “Take any desk” option for booking. Desk zones with map selection have “Take any desk”  and “Map pick”. “Map pick” will allow you to book the desk you want from a floor map. 

Desk booking without map
Desk booking from map