User manual: how to use spot booking feature

A short guide to help you use the parking spot booking and sharing feature

Table of contents

Parkanizer is an intuitive app that lets you book and share your company parking spots.

Miejsce parkingowe wyświetlone na ekranie głównym aplikacji

If you have already reserved a parking spot on a certain day, it will be displayed on the home screen. You can see its location by clicking the show on map button. To cancel your booking today, click release for today.

Parking spot booking

To book a parking spot, go to a book a spot tab. Select the area you want to book in from the list at the top of the screen. Then click on the map pick to select a location from the interactive map of the car park, or click book any and the system will assign you a spot from the pool of available spots.

Rezerwacja miejsca parkingowego w aplikacji

Using an interactive map of the parking

When you select the map pick, the app displays an interactive map of the car park. The white-green circles mark the spots that are ready for booking. Click on one of them and confirm your booking with the book this spot button at the bottom of the screen.

Use the parking map to locate your booked parking spot. The app also works offline to make it easier for you to navigate underground car parks.

Booking parking spots via the app

Parking spot releasing

To release a parking spot, go to the release spots tab, select the days you want to release your booking, and confirm the action with the confirm dates button at the bottom of the screen.

Then you can release your spot for everyone to book by selecting the release for all. If your company has enabled spots sharing, you can hand over your parking spot to a specific person by selecting them from the list.

Udostępnianie miejsca parkingowego w aplikacji

Please note that sharing a parking spot cannot be revoked on your own. If you wish to reclaim your parking spot, please contact your office administrator. You can also go to the book a spot tab to reserve a new spot.