Parkanizer user manual

How to book parking spots with Share by Parkanizer – a quick guide.

Table of Contents

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Parking spot booking features

Share by Parkanizer is a straightforward app that lets you book and share your company parking spot reservations. 

Share by Parkanizer Home Screen

Home is the basic view. From here you are able to share your parking spot if you intend not to use it today you can just tap the Share spot button. For further actions navigate to Share spot and Spots to take views.

Sharing my parking spot reservations

Sharing your parking spot with others is easy. Just select the days you plan not to use a parking spot and tap the final confirm dates button. 

Share by Parkanizer Share spot Screen

Please keep in mind that sharing a spot cannot be undone in the app. If you want your parking spot back, please contact your office or facility administrator. You can also switch to the Spots to take view and book a new spot, but you will probably receive a different spot than you had before.

Booking a parking spot

To book a parking spot for a particular day navigate to the Spots to take view. From a list of days pick a day for which you would like to have a company parking spot reserved. 

Share by Parkanizer Spots to take Screen

Tap the button Take any, and voila, your parking spot is booked and you are good to go!

Your company might be using several parking zones. Before booking a parking spot please make sure that a proper parking zone is selected.

Using a car park map

Finding a parking spot assigned by Share by Parkanizer at your company car park might be difficult, especially when the car park is huge. This is why you are able to view a map of the car park.

Share by Parkanizer Profile Screen

Just navigate to your user profile in the top right corner and pick Car Park – map. You will be navigated to the map uploaded by your office or facility administrators.