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Why manage hybrid work with us?

  • You test the app for 30 days with no limits and no obligation
  • We do the account and app configuration for you
  • You receive reports on office usage to support your decisions
  • We meet the highest security standards to make you feel safe
  • We provide an easy and enjoyable usage with SSO and AD integration
  • You and your employees don't have to install anything
Reserving a desk with on an interactive office map in the Share by Parkanizer app

Plan days in office easily

Your employees will easily balance their remote and onsite work days with bookings many days ahead.

Searching for coworkers in Share by Parkanizer app

Make cooperation easier

Let your employees know who is in the office and book desks next to their friends and team members.

Desk usage report in Share by Parkanizer app

Hybrid work data at your fingertips

Ready reports on your office utilization will help you make optimization decisions.

Market leaders choose hybrid work with Parkanizer

Parkanizer customers
Parkanizer customers

Simple pricing plans

The prices also include the configuration of your company account, employee onboarding and support.

Annually (-10%)

Desk booking

from €89
  • Review who is in the office anytime
  • Enable employees to book on their own
  • Employees check where their friends sit
  • Change the reservations at will
  • Freely tag desks in the app (e.g. 2 monitors, quiet desk, etc.)
  • Understand how the office is used thanks to set of reports

Room booking

from €35
  • Enable employees to book rooms on their own
  • They make ad hoc reservations with just 1 click
  • They are releasing the rooms where meetings have ended
  • You don't need to install additional devices
  • You have a view of all bookings and change them at will

Parking spots booking

from €89
  • Easily check parking spots availability
  • Enable employees to book parking spots on their own
  • Quickly allocate spots for guests
  • Change the reservations at will
  • Determine how far in advance spots can be booked

Notice period until the end of the Subscription Period. Net prices. VAT of 23% should be added to the quoted prices.

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