Time to organize hybrid work? With Parkanizer, it is easier than you think.

Booking hot desk from an interactive map of the officea

Will hybrid work settle into our offices permanently?

Everything points to that. That’s why it is worth having the right tool to organize it. A tool like the Share app we created to save you the time and money needed to manage efficiently. Follow a few steps to make hybrid work easier.

Get to know Share

An application designed for office management in a hybrid work model. Try it for free and see how it performs in your office.

Share by Parkanizer leading screen
Rezerwacja biurka z aplikacją Share by Parkanizer

Allow booking desks…

Employees will be able to reserve desks themselves before visiting the office. They will filter the parameters of the available desks and select the space most suitable for their current tasks.

 Booking with an interactive map of the office takes several seconds and requires only a few clicks. And for those who prefer to plan ahead, Share gives you the option to book days in advance.

and parking spots.

Periodic office visits encourage chaos in the parking lot. That’s why Share has a parking reservation feature as fast and intuitive as the desks.

With Share, you make parking available to all employees. You can efficiently manage individual spaces and entire zones with administrative tools.

Booking parking spot with Share by Parkanizer app
Łatwe przekazywanie miejsca współpracownikowi

Say goodbye to idle desks and parking spots

And what happens to parking spaces and desks during working from home? They serve someone else.

With Share by Parkanizer, you can share your space with a specific person or leave it free for everyone to reserve.

Search your co-workers with the app

How do you know who is in the office today? Share has a colleague finder feature that helps you locate your co-workers.

Just select a person from the list, and the app will show their workstation on a map. You can also use this feature to reserve desks near your friends 🙂

Z Share by Parkanizer możesz łatwo wyszukać stanowiska pracy swoich współpracowników
Narzędzia administracyjne w aplikacji Share by Parkanizer

Manage your office and car park with a single app

We have equipped Share with some administrative tools that make it easy to manage. 

Divide the office into virtual zones, restrict and open access, manage workstations, limit the maximum number of people in the specific zone, allocate parking spaces – administer more efficiently with a single app.

Analyze office and car park usage reports

Make decisions based on reports that tell you how your employees use the office.

The reports show the number of reservations and seats made available as well as the occupancy of specific zones and the entire office for different periods.

pracownicy podczas pracy hybrydowej

Enjoy convenient hybrid work

Congratulations! Now your office is set up for efficient and convenient hybrid work.

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