Help colleagues and teams sync in the office

Intuitive desk hoteling software designed to foster collaboration in the office. Over 30,000 satisfied users, launching in 3 days. Test the app for 30 days for free! Get in touch to learn more. 

ISO 27001
GDPR compliant


App Store Rating

ISO 27001


App Store Rating

GDPR compliant
Reserving a desk with on an interactive office map in the Share by Parkanizer app

Book desks for many days. Sit next to who you want

Choose a colleague to sit next to, filter hot desks by amenities and book them with two clicks in an intuitive app.

Desk reservations management section in Share by Parkanizer app

Simply and intuitively manage reservations

Our software simplifies the office management process thanks to built-in administrative tools.

Desk usage report in Share by Parkanizer app

Reservation data at your fingertips

Ready reports on your office utilization will help you make optimization decisions.

Why is it worth using our desk hoteling software?

  • You test the app for 30 days with no limits and no obligation
  • We do the account and app configuration for you
  • You receive reports on office usage to support your decisions
  • We meet the highest security standards to make you feel safe
  • We provide an easy and enjoyable usage with SSO and AD integration
  • You and your employees don't have to install anything

Companies that benefit from our software

Parkanizer clients
Parkanizer clients

Full list of our hoteling software features

Desks reservations

✔ Reservations from calendar or interactive map

✔ Releasing reservations

✔ Reservations for your guests

✔ Reserving days in advance

✔ Reservations management

✔ Reserving on behalf of an employee

✔ Reservations overview

✔ Adding and deleting desks

✔ Temporarily taking desks out of service

✔ Assigning desks to users permanently

✔ Setting how far in advance a reservation can be made

✔ Dividing the office into zones and locations

✔ Assigning zone managers

✔ Filtering desks by parameters before reservation

✔ Locating colleagues in the application

✔ Hot desking

Parking spots reservations

✔ Reservations from calendar or interactive map

✔ Releasing bookings to the public pool

✔ Reserving for guests

✔Making reservations on behalf of the user

✔ Reservations management

✔ Assigning parking spots to users permanently

✔ Flexible modification of reservations over time

✔ Reservations overview

✔ Adding and deleting parking spots

✔ Temporary excluding parking spots from use

✔ Dividing a parking lot into zones and locations

✔ Setting how far in advance reservation can be made

✔ Enabling a feature that requires a registration number

✔ Instant reservation of any parking space


✔ Data in the EEA area

✔ Maintaining historical data

✔ Maintaining logs

✔ Protection against Brute Force

✔ Detection of suspicious activities

Authentication and user management

✔ Authentication by email address and password

✔ Password self-reminder

✔ User group management

✔ Importing users from Excel/CSV

✔ Granting access to zones

✔ Granting and removing user rights

✔ Authentication by identity provider (SSO)

✔ Synchronization with Azure AD, Active Directory and Google Workplace

Analytics and reports

✔ Interactive reports in the application

✔ Quantitative reports on:

✔ occupancy

✔ reservations

✔ users’ activity

✔ users’ attendence

✔ Filtering reports by zone and location, time, and desk/parking types

✔ Exporting data from reports to Excel file

✔ Data generated in real time

Implementation and support

✔ No need for installing dedicated software

✔ Android and iOS mobile app

✔ Web application

✔ Video instructions for employees

✔ Development of interactive plans for office space or parking lot

✔ Onboarding sessions for managers (online)

✔ Email support

Software-only solution

Long term cooperation with our clients showed us that being flexible is crucial in the world of XXI century business. Thus we offer the reservation tool built only on software. You don’t have to invest in expensive on-desk devices, because every employee carries their own booking device in their pocket. By cutting unnecessary hardware, we wanted to save your time and money.

Home screen of office hoteling app Share by Parkanizer

Simple pricing plans

The prices also include the configuration of your company account, employee onboarding and support.

Small & Medium
Billed monthly
Billed annually (save 10%)

Desk booking

from €89/month
billed annually
  • Review who is in the office anytime
  • Enable employees to book on their own
  • Employees check where their friends sit
  • Change the reservations at will
  • Freely tag desks in the app (e.g. 2 monitors, quiet desk, etc.)
  • Understand how the office is used thanks to set of reports

Room booking

from €35/month
billed annually
  • Enable employees to book rooms on their own
  • They make ad hoc reservations with just 1 click
  • They are releasing the rooms where meetings have ended
  • You don't need to install additional devices
  • You have a view of all bookings and change them at will

Parking spots booking

from €89/month
billed annually
  • Easily check parking spots availability
  • Enable employees to book parking spots on their own
  • Quickly allocate spots for guests
  • Change the reservations at will
  • Determine how far in advance spots can be booked

Cheaper in a bundle

Get everything you need for hybrid work management and save up to 15%


Scalable hybrid work solution that you can tailor to your needs

Desk booking

Room booking

Parking spot booking

Enjoy a partnership focused on:

  • Certified and secure cloud infrastructure
    Cloud infrastructure that complies with all relevant certifications such as ISO27001, SOC2, and more.
  • Secure processing of data
    We apply highest security standards, best development practices and are GDPR compliant.
  • Dedicated support and SLA 99%
    We deliver a dedicated support line for your users and guarantee a high level of availability.
  • SSO and automatic user provisioning
    Users enjoy seamless sign-in experience while the user management is automated.
  • Custom data privacy configuration
    We comply with you organisation’s internal data protection and data retention policies.
  • Multi-tenancy and multiple time zones
    Our solution handles many entities and different time zones across the world.

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