Parking spot booking system

With the Parkanizer parking spot booking system, your employees can book company parking spaces. Those who have permanently assigned spots can easily share them with other coworkers if they don’t use it.

Managing desks in the application

Spot management

Manage reservations and parking spot sharing on your company parking lot with a range of management tools.

Divide the car park into zones and assign employees to them. Assign and book parking spots, close and open them for booking.

Booking parking spots via the app

Parking spot booking

Employees who do not have an assigned parking spot will book one from a pool of available spots with a few clicks. They select a specific spot from the map or let the system draw it.

Administrators determine how many days in advance reservations can be made.

Sharing assigned parking spot via the app

Parking spots sharing

Employees who have permamently assigned spot can share it with coworker or make it available for booking on days they don’t use it.

This keeps parking spots from staying empty and prevents employees from getting upset that there is not enough parking space

Interactive maps of the parking lots

Interactive maps of car park

The interactive maps that come with the product allow you to book a specific parking spot in just a few clicks before arriving at your office. After booking, you can view the location of the parking space offline to effectively navigate underground parking lots.

Booking days ahead

For those who like to plan ahead, Share by Parkanizer has a feature to book parking spots days in advance. Administrators decide how far in advance employees can do it.

Booking spots in advance via the app

Daily car park overview

As an administrator, you have a complete overview of reservations for the day in each zone. If necessary, you can easily book an available space for an employee or guest, or cancel an existing reservation.

Adding license plates

If needed, you can require employees to provide vehicle license plates in the app. We know that employees often travel in different cars, so they can provide up to 3 numbers.

Adding license plates in the app
Parking lot usage dashboard

Car park usage reports

Complex reports show how employees use the car park. Find out who is booking parking spots, how many spots have been booked, and which parts of the car park employees are most likely to use.

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