Parking spot booking system

Book, share and increase the usage of the company parking spots. Book the spot before leaving your home or share your fixed spot with others.

Spot management

Managing spots and zones in Share is easy. Parking spots can be set as free to book by everyone, as restricted by admins or as assigned to a specific employee.

Parking spot booking

Employees who do not have a fixed spot can easily take a spot for few days or several days ahead. Just one click is needed to take a spot!

Parking spot sharing

Employees with a fixed spot can share it with colleagues on the days they are not in the office. The results are higher utilisation rates, a smarter workplace and happy employees.

Measurable cost savings

Sharing is caring! When employees share their parking spot with others when they are not in the office they contribute to improved utilisation rates, happier colleagues and considerable cost saving.

Share by Parkanizer easily brings a 10% cost saving on your parking spot expenses.

Share by Parkanizer product brochure

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Overview of spots and daily management

As an admin you get a complete overview of bookings for the day in each zone and if needed you can easily reserve an available spot for a user, restrict a spot for the day or cancel an existing booking.

Parking maps

To increase the user experience, maps of the parking zones can be included in the solution. This makes it easier for your users to navigate and find their spot.

Insights and analytics

It’s all about the data. Share for parking spots comes with graphical reporting dashboard where you can get the most important data on usage, bookings, behavior, etc.


Create account and get started

Signing up for Share and adding users and parking spots is extremely easy.


Simply activate your Share account


Set up your parking spots, zones, maps and restrictions and send the activation email offered by Share to your employees


Employees then create their own account, download the app and accept the terms of use

You are up and running in 15 minutes!

More than 30,000 users

And trusted by great brands!

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