Parking spots management

Make your life easier while managing the company car park. Give your employees the autonomy to book parking spots and have an overview of everything that is happening in the car park.

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Dividing car park into zones in Share by Parkanizer app

Divide car park into zones

Divide your car park into smaller zones that you can manage separately. Designate space for guests, assign parking spots to specific groups of employees and reorganize the way your car park works.

Manage parking spots

Freely manage your parking spots. Our application allows you to:

  • Add and delete parking spots
  • Temporarily or permanently remove spots from use
  • Assigning spots to specific employees
  • Making reservations on behalf of employees
  • Making changes to reservations made
Designating a parking spot to a guest in Share by Parkanizer app

Designate parking spots for guests

Pull parking spaces from the pool of public reservations and allocate them to guests who will be visiting your office. 

Book spots on behalf of employees

If you need specific employees at a particular location on a particular day, make a reservation on their behalf and they will see their reservation in the app immediately.

Determine how many days ahead employees can book

Determine how many days ahead employees can make parking reservations to match your company’s pace with the reservation system.

Introduce required license plate numbers

If you wish, you can require employees to provide up to 3 license plate numbers before making their first reservation. That way, you always know if employees have taken the space they have reserved.

Adding license plate numbers in Share by Parkanizer app

Full list of Parkanizer system features

Desks booking

✔ Booking from calendar or interactive map

✔ Releasing booking

✔ Bookings for guests

✔ Booking days in advance

✔ Bookings management

✔ Booking on behalf of an employee

✔ Bookings overview

✔ Adding and deleting desks

✔ Temporarily taking desks out of service

✔ Assigning desks to users permanently

✔ Setting how far in advance a reservation can be made

✔ Dividing the office into zones and locations

✔ Assigning zone managers

✔ Filtering desks by parameters before booking

✔ Locating colleagues in the application

✔ Hot desking

Parking spots booking

✔ Booking from calendar or interactive map

✔ Releasing bookings to the public pool

✔ Booking for guests

✔Making bookings on behalf of user

✔ Bookings management

✔ Assigning parking spots to users permanently

✔ Flexible modification of bookings over time

✔ Bookings overview

✔ Adding and deleting parking spots

✔ Temporary excluding parking spots from use

✔ Dividing a parking lot into zones and locations

✔ Setting how far in advance abooking can be made

✔ Enabling a feature that requires a registration number

✔ Instant reservation of any parking space


✔ Data in the EEA area

✔ Maintaining historical data

✔ Maintaining logs

✔ Protection against Brute Force

✔ Detection of suspicious activities

Authentication and user management

✔ Authentication by email address and password

✔ Password self-reminder

✔ User group management

✔ Importing users from Excel/CSV

✔ Granting access to zones

✔ Granting and removing user rights

✔ Authentication by identity provider (SSO)

✔ Synchronization with Azure AD, Active Directory and Google Workplace

Analytics and reports

✔ Interactive reports in the application

✔ Quantitative reports on:

✔ occupancy

✔ bookings

✔ users’ activity

✔ users’ attendence

✔ Filtering reports by zone and location, time, and desk/parking types

✔ Exporting data from reports to Excel file

✔ Data generated in real time

Implementation and support

✔ No need for installing dedicated software

✔ Android and iOS mobile app

✔ Web application

✔ Video instructions for employees

✔ Development of interactive plans for office space or parking lot

✔ Onboarding sessions for managers (online)

✔ Email support

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