You can use Share with 5 users, 5,000 users or 50,000 users. The pricing is based on the number of desks and parking spaces. By the way, did we mention that the office space analytics and insight features are included for free in both plans?

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You can terminate the trial at any time during the trial period. Prices are excl. of VAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In the Pro and Premium plans Parkanizer will get back to you within 24 hours. Faster support is available only in the Enterprise plan. Upon request a SLA is available as well.

Longer trials are available only in the Enterprise plan.

Share comes with two ways of onboarding employees.

You may send and share an invitation link with your employees. In order to make this option available you will need to specify the company domain which will allow your employees register only with an appropriate company email address.

You may also invite employees through the app. The system will send inviation emails to your employees together with the activation links.

Yes, when starting the trial, you will be fitted with instructions which you could internally resend to your employees/colleagues.

Share by Parkanizer is a SaaS solution. When starting the trial you are given access to the web application. For convenience and even better experience you and your employees may download the Share by Parkanizer app from Apple App Store or Google Play.

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