Booking reports for your company

See how your employees are really using the office and company parking lot and make data-driven decisions.

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Zobacz jaki procent twojego biura wykorzystują pracownicy

Improve office performance

With the booking report you can see how many bookings your employees have made in a given period. Find out which parts of the office are the most popular to improve ergonomics where your employees need it.

Stop overpaying for office

The occupancy report provides data on what percentage of your office employees are actually using. It shows if your office is ready to hire additional staff or if it is worth downsizing and cutting expenses.

Zobacz jaki procent twojego biura wykorzystują pracownicy
Sprawdzaj którzy pracownicy pracują w biurze, a którzy w domu

Keep an eye on hybrid working

Stay on top of which employees are using the office and which ones prefer to work remotely. Analyzing attendance data helps you better organize hybrid work.

Know your employees' habits

The user activity report shows the booking history of each employee. Find out who is reserving desks, and who is sharing their space with in order to better understand office operations and tailor them to existing needs.

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Test the app 30 days for free! Contact us to learn more.

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