Workplace analytics software

Learn how your workplace performs, which zones and desks are most important and take decisions based on data.

Transform data into value

Data and insights on how your desks, parking spots and workplace in general are being used is the single most important factor if you want to optimise and operate with fewer desks and spots.

The powerful BI based workplace analytics tool transform data into value and provides you with all the answers you need on occupancy, zone usage, employees at the office, etc.

What can the insights tell you?

Knowing how you office space is being used is extremely valuable. You get data that help you understand how many desks and spots are needed, which zones are most popular and what type of desks and spots are needed and where.

Desk booking insights

Flexible insights

The workplace analytics tool is completely customisable and has the flexibility to adjust data views and sources in case you are not getting the full benefits out of the standard views.

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